Passionate ingenuity is the foundation of our continued success. We have proven our exceptional engineering to various industries around the globe. Computer-aided design (CAD) is used to create new and precise designs. Our innovative approach continually prepares us to offer practical, cutting-edge solutions to handle your every application.

From automated machinery to highly-skilled craftsmanship, our manufacturing capabilities offer our customers quality and diversity. Actron believes in lean manufacturing principles that keep us competitive and efficient in an ever-changing marketplace. Every Actron manufacturing employee is accountable to proactively provide superior workmanship

Our computer-aided numerical control machine tools maintain product quality at the highest levels and speed orders through the production process. In addition, our Advanced Planning and Scheduling system gives us the efficiency, versatility, and the visibility to offer "REAL TIME" delivery dates each and every time. Our friendly and highly trained customer service team delivers in-depth application and technical advice.